An Online Certificate Course on the
Foundations of Science and Spirituality

Modern education policy emphasizes upon a holistic understanding of the reality and its practical applications for the betterment of overall human activity. Contemporary approaches in modern education are overly bent towards rational analysis of natural phenomena. They do not emphasize upon the philosophical and spiritual foundations of life. Translating natural skills into professional skills is the need of the hour. This requires a greater insight into the scientific rational approaches and their contextual integration with the personality factors of the modern man. Given the fact that the classroom education has been overly emphasizing upon the discoveries of science but not the adopted methodology, it will be evident in due course of such one sided approach is that the graduates of science and technology will have insignificant foundations of philosophical world view. Thus, the need of the hour is to examine the peripheral analysis of the methodologies adopted in these broad and diverse systems of knowledge. Thus, a deeper study of life is required from the integrated perspectives of scientific, philosophical and spiritual dimensions of life. To do so, a foundational training is required in the epistemological and ontological issues associated to scientific methodology, spirituality and their integration.

The Certificate Course on the Foundations of Science and Spirituality dovetails towards the affirming of the needful pedagogy for the integration of rational, philosophical and spiritual aspects of the reality. Thereby, graduates of the course will be able to extend their existing knowledge into novel dimensions of holism and reap upon the benefits of the holistic paradigm in their personal, professional and social spheres of life. A graduate upon successful completion of the course will have broader outlook on the fundamental and applied issues in life.

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