Topics for 7th Swiss Congress on Science And Spiritual Quest

Dear Candidates,

We are happy to acknowledge your interest to participate at the conference of Science and Spiritual Quest. Here are some important informations regarding the Congress on 3rd November 2018.

We would like to ask you to kindly send your abstract about 500 words to World Peace Convention before the 1st September 2018 by the following topics (please bring your presentation on PowerPoint medium saved on a USB stick).

Congress on Life – Origin, Meaning, Purpose

  • Life – Its Origin and Purpose
  • Mathematics of Life
  • Science of Consciousness
  • Biodiversity and philosophy of Life
  • Neuroscience perspective on Life
  • Quantum Physics and Life
  • Artificial Intelligence and Life
  • Science of Aging
  • Embryology
  • Free-will, Responsibility and Human Values
Important note:

Please send your academic tittle to allow our programme to be printed (for ex. MSc, PhD, Bachelor… from which institution or which university, school or college…).

When you would like to receive more specific informations regarding the topic of your choice please send a request as soon as possible.