The Relationship of Light, Ether and Akasha

Goran Marjanović
Electrotechnician of Low-Powered Current, BSc in Telecommunications


In all translations of ancient knowledge, the phenomenon of akasha is identified with ether and akasha with subtle-energetic phenomena such as orgon, prana, chi, etc. That means that the ether, indirectly, is also identified with the same phenomena such as orgone, prana, etc. – which is absolutely wrong.

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for the unmanifested, primordial absolute substrate and source of energy for material manifestation.

Ether is a ultra-fine, subtle but manifested material substance. According to Nikola Tesla: “Electro- magnetic waves are complex vibrations of the ether – material substance which is the perfect fluid of special quality, which behaves as a solid to light (high frequency} and is transparent to matter, while it’s effects can be felt through inertia.”

According to the doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky, ether is the grossest form of akasha – i.e. – akasha is a subtler form of ether. Otherwise, in Hinduism, Buddhism and in general – in Theosophical terms, the word akasha was considered as synonymous with “astral light” – term used by the French occultist Eliphas Levi to refer to the medium of all light, energy and movement, a fluidic, all pervading, life force in full accordance with the theory of the luminiferous ether – the dominant theory of the 19th century. However, it is not like that in reality.

As we know light is a form of electromagnetic radiation, consisting of self-propagating transversely oscillating electric and magnetic field waves. It shows properties of both – waves and particles. Light exists in tiny energy packets called photons, quanta of light, the smallest possible packets of electromagnetic energy. So – a photon is an elementary particle that is a quantum of the electromagnetic field, including electromagnetic radiation such as light and radio waves, and the force carrier for the electromagnetic force.

According to my research Tesla’s etheric gaseous medium is the “ether fluid” of special properties, made up of elementary quantums of ether – named a “Teslions” which are the “quantum carrier” of Tesla Waves – longitudinal, compressive-expansive disturbances of the etheric fluid.

In Hindu cosmology akasha is the subtle, eternal and imperceptible substance, supersensuous spiritual essence which pervades all space. It is to ether what spirit is to matter. After a Maha-pralaya (“Great Dissolution”) akasha is “resolved back again into the primary state of abstract potential objectivity” – named “mulaprakriti”. Mulaprakriti is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as “the root-substance” whose essence, unthinkable to us, is to the LOGOS “as material as any object is material to us”. In our terminology we can say that mulaprakriti is the elementary quantum of akasha. Therefore, light (electromagnetic field), ether and akasha are diverse phenomena, with different levels of quantization, each of which has its own quanta of energy – elementary “packets” of energy – photon, teslion and mulaprakriti, respectively.

The relationships and physical parameters of the considered phenomena, offered in this paper, allow us to design and create experimental settings in which the interaction with the “subtle-energy” (sub-photon) phenomenology of our Reality could become much more effective.

Affiliation and Title

Goran Marjanović, BSc, independent researcher

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I was born in Sarajevo (BiH) on March 14, 1955. In Osijek (RH), In 1974, I finish Electrotechnical School, Low-Power Current dept. In Belgrade (SRB), in 1981, I graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, telecommunication dept, as specialist for systems of Light-Based Telecommunications. In 1982, I obtained the title of reserve liaison officer at the Military Officer Academy in Belgrade.

My long-time working experience (36 years) is based on supervision and control of communication devices of civil and special services. Since 2016, I have been teaching at the School of Public Health on quantum medicine and complementary treatment methods courses.

As an independent researcher, I was dealing more than forty years with research in theoretical physics with a special focus on the Nikola Tesla legacy. In my own laboratory for Tesla Ether technologies I made a large number of Tesla-apparatus replicas, as well as a series of machines aiming to the verification of Tesla ideas and postulates of Quantum Energy Density Model, whose author I am – which unites the material and spiritual aspect of reality with the possibility of describing spiritual phenomena with the parameters of official physics.

As a member of many international research teams, or as an independent researcher, measuring different forms of energy on piramydal and sacral objects across Europe for the last 20 years, I compared and analyzed the knowledge of ancient civilizations and the latest scientific knowledge in the field of scalar and torsion fields.