Science of Vibrations is the Key – Sankhya Karika

Marko Grčić
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Economics, VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, Zagreb


According to the ancient and modern science, nature is made of vibrations of elemental components. All phenomena is evolution of the same divine substance, that we call nature. Only the rates of vibrations create the differences in natural forms. Our ancient presestors called it divine play where conscious player enjoy the play. But during the play there are certain rules, cause creates effect and vice versa. In other words, matter turns into energy and energy back into matter. Matter and energy are just transformations of the same substance in dual mode; simultaneous potential turns into sequential energy movements and vice versa. Everything is happening in the present moment. Past, present and future exist together in the eternal now.

The blueprint of the universe is holographic, self similar and scale invariant. That means the laws of nature reflects in the same way through the same constituent parts acting as the set of same numerical laws which are present in micro and macro scale. For example, fractal torus shape with black hole in the center is present in all atoms, molecules, cells, humans, plants, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. The eternal three guna laws apply as expansion-contraction-resonance principles that manifest all physical, mental and emotional levels. The same principles create light and darkness, heat and cold, winter and summer, etc. Therefore ‘the science of vibrations’ – Sankhya Karika is the key as it connects all sciences into the one set of laws.

Life as a human is a priceless gift. Our body is also the blueprint of the universe. Just as a musician plays well on a well tuned instrument, we can also tune up to the divine perfection that already works in us. Our mental and physical health are determined by the rate of our vibrations or energy levels. Anything we eat or drink, think, feel or do reflects on us. With positive feelings like love and gratitude we produce a high frequency of vibrations, and with negative feelings or thoughts we produce low frequencies that are harmful for us and the environment. The science of happiness is as real, exciting and efficient as other areas of science that make our life better. At the same time, the world peace is just a reflection of happiness of each and every individual.

In this amazing beauty, all manifested forms are like waves that rise and subside, and merge back into the ocean of Oneness. Through the science of yoga we can turn our mind towards the ocean and synchronize with our vibrations to Oneness. Then, all thought waves stop and consciousness expands. As we merge with the Soul we experience our infinite nature is beyond stars and planets, and that oneness with God is the beginning and final point of everything. All the differences around us are of degree, not of kind. The absolute God transforms infinite bliss and love into pulsating Golden Ocean of infinite possibilities, where all natural laws are just a play of one divinity. As we harmonize with the Source of power, we reach our full potential, and become an unbounded & free master of the ‘science of vibrations’.


Marko Grčić was born in 1975 Switzerland, living in Croatia. In 2005 he graduated in University of applied sciences Vern, Zagreb as Baccalaureate of Entrepreneurship economics. he enjoy in hobbies like windsurfing where he was competing in the World cup windsurfing championship in 1993 and 1994 as a Croatian Youth champion and vice champion in senior division. Since 2004 he’s been trading commodities in the US markets. In Robbins World Cup Trading Championships, he was world vice champion in 2016 and 5th in 2015.

Due to his curiosity, he started independent research in science, spirituality and Vedic knowledge, from modern science to the Bhagavad Gita, Sankhya, Rg, Yajur veda, Vedanta, Puranas, Upanishads to the Nikola Tesla, Swami Vivekananda, etc.

He’s been translating many Vedic texts, and spent many years in translating ancient science of Sankhya Karika by Sri Srinivasan commentaries that explained all missing pieces in science by simple math and logic, as well as unite science and spirituality. He’s been practicing yoga and meditation since 2002, and he’s also teaching yoga and Shakti meditation.