Life, Matter And Their Interactions; Memorial from Dr. T.D. Singh (1937-2006)

Daniel Janin, Absolvent der Philosophie, Bhaktivedanta College, Belgien


The rapid advancements in science and technology have enabled us to penetrate more deeply into the subatomic world, and into the world of the living cell. Molecular biologists have unfolded many secrets behind various life processes such as the human genome. But are we now in a position to answer the question, ‘what is life?’ as raised, over sixty years ago, by schrodinger, the well-known quantum physicist? Is life an outcome of the evolution of matter, or is it a fundamentally different entity altogether? How do we explain various phenomena such as consciousness, free will, love, purpose, beauty, etc., which seem to be beyond the mere interaction of biomolecules? On the other hand, if life is beyond matter in what ways does it interact with matter, and what laws do follow? in this unique volume, the author closely re-examines the finer characteristics of life and matter, and their interactions. He explains that the present-day physical laws seem quite insufficient to account for the many features of life. Drawing insights from the ancient Vedantic texts, he presents an alternative view of life beyond molecules. This volume may serve as a useful resource for all those interested in delving deeper into understanding of life.