Humankind is still very young: don’t judge too hard, we need more time.

Dmitry Orlov
MSc in technical physics at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, General Manager at Bio-Well Company, from 2007 collaboration with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


Dmitry “Mitya” Orlov, ,

Dependence, independence, interdependence. These are the 3 stages of development that any person should pass in life. When we are born we are highly dependent on the environment and parents. Slowly we are starting our path towards independence: learning how to walk, to eat, to earn money, etc. Unfortunately many people stop on that stage and never understand that interdependence is more effective in a long term aspect. But one can’t be efficiently interdependent before becoming really independent. It is a significant stage of development as it gives the opportunity to realize “who you really are”. Fight for independence is fierce, many people are ready to create revolutions and ruin the whole world at this stage. We wish to change the world according to our personal worldview, forgetting about free will of others, about ethics and spirituality, about love and compassion…

Some countries and nations on our planet Earth are stuck at the stage of fight for “independence”: either because they are young, either because they are governed by individuals who didn’t realize the power of interdependence. In their “fight of independence” any weapon is good.

Science is just one of the weapons that nations and countries are using in their fight. Science is used for obtaining more power in comparison with others. That is why Spirituality is regularly forgotten nowadays. When you want to excel someone, to conquer some territory – there is no need for Spirituality.

If you take a look at some countries that have thousands of years of history behind their back – you will notice that in their society Science and Spirituality are more tightly linked to each other. This is a natural process and, to my mind, it is impossible to skip any stage on this path of development of humankind (or individual).

To my mind it is impossible to link Science with Spirituality when Science is used for gaining more power and excelling others (individuals and countries). Science serves as a weapon. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about biotechnology (creating new viruses), nuclear physics (creating atomic bombs), optics (creating laser weapons) or psychology (creating mass manipulation techniques).

Humankind just needs more time to evolve and mature in order to understand the significance of interdependence – living in peace all together. Of course the integral state of humankind depends on the governments of countries, which are dependent on the state of development of individuals sitting in the governments.

Scientists and spiritual leaders should spread the word as much as possible, as the Sun is spreading the light, about the importance of: interdependence, considering the free will of other people, respecting other people’s opinions, etc. This will slowly lead to a more mature society that will be ready to link Science and Spirituality.

Please do not judge humankind too hard, we just need more time and information. There will come the day when humankind will live as one!

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”


Dmitry Orlov is master of sciences in technical physics, General manager at the Bio-Well company (since 2014) that produces Bio-Well devices and software. Founder and general director at AVD Company – studies of human ecology and living space ecology (geopathic stress analysis) and their nterconnection.

More than 20 papers published in different journals and international conferences thesis, various author tutorials in EPI/GDV & Bio-Well written. Author of the book “Please don’t change the world. Change the world within”, translated into 7 languages and published on Amazon.

Winner of Jacques Benveniste Award (Association Jacques Benveniste pour la recherché, 2009) for development of methodology of space and water measurements with the use of EPI/GDV technology. Three years in a row has won State Grant of Saint-Petersburg Government (Russia) for the work with EPI/GDV technologies – study of the ultra-weak influences on water.

Dmitry is one of the leading specialists in the world in the field of GDV technologies. Has conducted training seminars, presented EPI/GDV technology, took part in the international conferences worldwide: in 38 countries over 6 continents.

Together with prof. Korotkov has developed technology of space measurements using EPI/GDV method and constructed new type of sensor “GDV Sputnik”. Dmitry has developed a unique methodology for assessment of the activity (energy) of the space (geopathic zones, geo-active zones, abnormal zones).