Tesla Technology – the Bridge Between Material and Spiritual World

Goran Marjanović, Electrotechnician of Low-Powered Current, BSc in Telecommunications


The basis of the material part of reality is created by the particle-wave entities that constitute the Macro and Micro structures of the World and are described by the Relativity theory and Quantum theory. The “Hyper” area, which belongs to the spiritual aspect of reality, is consisting of appropriate levels of consciousness or – in popular terms – “beings” of appropriate-vibration speed and the like.

This Hyper Area subtle-energy phenomena of the appropriate “compactness” (actually energy density per EDQM), have structure that is based on the scalar and/or torsional fields form, that modern science places in the domain of pseudo-science. However, the EDQ model allows the description of this spiritual segment of reality with the same scientifically accepted parameters (mass, diameter, frequency, wavelength) that characterize the material world entities. It is more than fascinating that analyses we made, show an excellent consistency of this unity of mutually interwoven spirit and matter with cosmogony of Nikola Tesla and its “Ethereal” technologies as well as with the ancient Vedic descriptions of the Reality and its structure exposed in the “Sankhya Karika” of G. Srinivasan. My research shows that the “hyper-dimensional equator” – the area in which spirit and matter intertwine – is attributed to the “Tesla waves” and the qualitative phenomenon of “emotion” and “intuition” as the psychological mechanisms of a human being which enables him to “communicate” with astral, mental and other, more controversial, phenomena of the spiritual aspect of reality.