Scientific Journey: Health, Mindset, Consciousness, Soul and Quantum Physics Interconnection

Dmitry Orlov, MSc in technical physics at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, General Manager at Bio-Well Company, from 2007 collaboration with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov Ph.D.


Most of the people are concerned about their health to some extent. Unfortunately, there is no clear understanding by the general public of what health actually is. But in order to attain anything, including health, you need to clearly understand the structure and position of the aim. Therefore, you have to know where to search for health in order to attain it. Ayurvedic approach states that health is determined by the mindset. Moreover mindset is controlled by conscious and subconscious processes. Quantum physics helps us to understand that being conscious means constantly simplifying the quantum reality to the subjective reality, that we are not actually changing anything in the quantum reality, but more likely – just making choices which part of it to access.

Albeit we are limited by the subjective reality, we have a possibility to access the quantum reality that contains eternal amount of information. Access function is fulfilled by the soul. Altogether, this means that we have ability to get any information we like in order to reprogram our mindset and turn to the road that will lead us to a healthier life.

Big percentage of people who come to this understanding are starting to experience an urge to change the world around them according to their new knowledge. They feel that now they know the real truth and that they have to change the surrounding people and the rest of the world, forgetting about the free-will of others.

However if you take into consideration that you are not able to change the quantum reality, that you are just selecting the subjective reality for yourself only – then you can realize that others are doing the same in their lives. Resonance phenomena is governing this process of selection: each mindset resonates with specific areas of the quantum reality. It means that every person is facing his/her own subjective reality that is dependent on their own mindset, that is defining their health and happiness in life.

Finally, you come to realize that you are not able to change anybody’s life (beside your own) and you have to respect free will of other people accordingly.

This kind of view on life brings peace to your mindset, calms down your emotions and leads to a healthier and much happier life.