Science and Spirituality Unification – ‘Sankhya Karika’

Marko Grčić, Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Economics, VERN’ University
of Applied Sciences, Zagreb


Sankhya Karika is complete knowledge based on axioms created by Maharishi Kapilla in pre glacial era, and decoded from Sanskrit by Sri Srinivasan with all mathematical derivations for the first time to our civilization. Extraordinary scientific creation of perfect accuracy and precision is scientific base of ancient Vedas so has the greatest importance to the science, technology and practical spirituality.

The word Sankhya means numbers, counting, reasoning, while numerical value Sa = 5 and Kha = 2 represent ratio of 52 in the coherent Thama state exposes the axiomatically derived mass of Universe as 10 ^ +52. At the same time, ‘Universal one’ as 1 – 52 = 10 ^ – 51 represent the smallest mass and time value in the universe as Moolaprakriti or ‘Root of the nature’. In between these two values, Sankhya provide an amazing spectrum of values as the Purusha state, Mahad as Planck mass, Prakrithi as the Neutron, Nucleon, Proton spectrum, Vikrithi as the leptonic triad of Electrons, Vrithi Vikaro as Neutrino Photon spectrum. All these stable resonant and harmonic states match values in Physics to the greatest accuracy, that with simple explanations of unsolved puzzles in science place Sankhya on the pedestal of excellence as only unified field theory in existence that offers a complete scientific and mathematical solution to every aspect of reality.

According to Sankhya, creation is a play of Soul and Nature, dependent upon one another, always playing hide-and-go-seek with each other, while genteel actions of a dancer Prakriti or nature performs a beautiful game to the formless witness Purusha. The passive but massive Purusha creates fractal avalanches of Prakrithi with precise vibratory actions that form the holographically produced states we call matter. Sankhya science numerically describes Purusha state as maximum number of interactions in minimum of time.

All universal forms evolve from ocean of identical components or field of elemental matter or substratum or akasha or ether that oscillate at eternally dynamic rate of C = 296,575,966 m2/sec. Purusha’s expansion Mahad or Planck mass is dynamic perpetual self similar oscillator that also operating at base rate C.

Universal intelligence as Mahad density changes are brought about by a break in coherent state of ether or rate C, where instant interactions in nucleus or Prakrithi creates all natural volumetric states. Therefore Prakrithi or nature is the transitional state of the of Mahad state into a resonant particulate state that forms the resonant nuclear entities.
Unmanifested substratum or ether that oscillates at rate C comprising limitless components in a dynamic synchronized state, and therefore undetectable. This is perfectly symmetric base that polarizes into static and dynamic states caused by obstruction when becomes manifested or detectable or measurable as nuclear state or Prakrithi. The holographic vibratory state remains at a constant rate C, and when coherence is broken increase the value of C create all possible phenomena in nature according to the Guna laws.

Any vibration is due collision of two objects, as nature’s duality Thaama and Sathwa, as ‘dark and light’. Also, in every vibration there are three complementary phases governed by the cyclic interval of time as a ‘simultaneous Thama instant of collision’, a ‘resonant Raja period of reversal’ and a ‘sequential Sathwa interval of separation’. Colliding interaction creates compressive stresses at the point of impact. In the resonant interval, compressive vibration reverses to become an expansive one or radiant movement.

Sathwa is the electromagnetic radiating force which operates outward at the maximum speed with the required intensity and energy to transmit the force out of the nuclear boundary that is in a fluid or flexible state. Raja is the electro-weak bonding force in the transition region, that shuttles inward or outward to transfer the forces from nuclear center to the nuclear boundary and vice-versa. The screening spherical surface in the breathing mode is in an interactive Raja state that carries out the change from a sequential oscillatory state to a parallel or simultaneous superposed state. Thama is the strong nuclear decelerating force acting inward and forming the nuclear center and boundary. These interactive stresses are stored over a period of time, and released periodically or immediately.

It’s obvious and very logic that all points in space exist simultaneously, while interacting with each other sequentially in time. Therefore Sankhya exposes all universal manifestation process with single parameter as cyclic time that operates in two modes; sequential and simultaneous. This transformation of modes is the crucial point in Sankhya that explains all manifestation processes by simple math and logic, by solving all anomalies in physic, explaining mass into energy conversion and energy into mass transformation, etc.

Sequential interactive events can be counted, because an interval of time separates two adjacent activities, but not those that occur simultaneously or within an instant. For instance if 10 people clap one after another or sequentially then 10 claps can be counted as 10 events. But if the 10 claps occurred simultaneously only one clap could be counted, so 9 hidden claps vanish and become undetectable but directly increase parameters like mass or intensity or density. The number of interactions that take place simultaneously indicates its count density per ‘instant of time’, whereas sequential ones indicate the number of such ‘instants’ existing between interactions that include time factor. So, time is a relative parameter and it is not a real but subjective process.

According to Sankhya, only vibrations can be detected and all manifestation forms are just collective states of these interactions. When vibrations synchronize on three axes and act simultaneously as a coherent unit then the fundamental components in space get defined with characteristics of solidity or substantiality. Because of many interactions occupying the same place the reactions behaves at the same time or simultaneously or coherently. The effect is a multiplication of these reactive value or increase in the mass or density characteristic of the core or nucleus, so the core acts united or as one unit. The region where such action takes place is the holder or container of power in a static form and in a relatively restful state.

Interactive counts merge to reduce which then provide a lower count rate in nuclear centers towards the higher counts drift giving the effect of attraction or inward acceleration or gravity. A higher rate of vibrations will always tend to move towards the one with simultaneous state of lowered rate in the nuclear center that becomes an absorber of interactive counts, what increase its mass and density. Gravitational force is permanent and the only interaction that acts universally on all matter.

Maharishi Kapila takes the nucleus as the central, fundamental background forming phenomenon. According to him all manifestation is due to communication between the nuclear center and boundary. Nuclear ensembles are initiated or triggered into action by the operating principle of the triad of forces as gunas, in a relatively isolated, static, unhindered state of freedom. The nucleus is the location, center or core that holds the power, force or energy produced as a result of the cyclic collision or aggregation due to close contact of the oscillating volumes or waveforms. Every nuclear state is an ensemble or collection of the same components acting in unison. Whenever the activity along any axis synchronize in rate with an axis in another direction then superpositioning or accumulation of vibrations takes place along the circumferential position simultaneously on all sides, that create a nuclear state or increase potential.

All manifestation forms in 3D space are due to synchrony of vibrations of one, two and three axis. Two axes balances create a united surface of activity with a flexible center of mass as fluids; water and air in a molecular field as well as electromagnetic behavior as; electron, neutrino and photon in a fundamental field. Three axis balances create the solid phase and particles with a dense and fixed center of mass or coherent nuclear ensembles as; atom, molecule, cell, organs, living beings, trees, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. Vanishing of C2 in two stage of synchronization of axis is the cause of the any difference in mass-energy or charge-potential or strong-weak-electromagnetic or solid-liquid-vapor or hadron-lepton-photon polarization phenomenon in Physics.

To sum up, according to the Guna laws identical components of elemental matter creates coherent nuclear states with accumulated mass or density. Such nuclear states convert synchronized mode into sequential radiant expansions or force or energy or movement what decrease mass or potential of such nuclear state. Then, due to interaction with some other coherent nuclear state such energy is superposing or accumulating into mass or density of other coherent state that increases its mass and potential.

By the same principle through precise mathematics Maharishi Kapila united science and spirituality by demonstrating the most enigmatic concept that pervades all religions. We and all other things are continuously in and covered by a sea of energy or movement, while space is in a coherent or apparently passive or unmanifested state. The human mind too can reproduce every phenomenon within itself by the simple process of bringing it to a coherent and synchronized phase, by emulating a static state. Individual experience phenomenon by creating it within own mind, which proved to be the perfect way to learn anything and everything. Kapila called the process Siddhi or perfect resonance that is very relaxed state where one renounces the initiative to think, and as mind stops, sequentially thinking process in time converts to the coherent or simultaneously interactive state, where all events and information exist in parallel or instant mode. Man had only to learn to use these marvelous instruments by putting as many of them as possible in a state of resonance to extract the unlimited information circulating in space to experience, understand and see beyond five senses.

Can we sum up the gift that the intellectual colossus, Maharishi Kapila, gave to humanity?

What could be greater than numerically specifying that extraordinary state of reality in unequivocal terms for mankind so that we learn that there is no such a thing as uncertainty in that state in the Universe.

Coherent state in the substratum of space contain all power of the universe as omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient field where God, Soul and Nature live and play together as One eternal witness of infinite Bliss and Absolute Love.