Life and Its Origin; Memorial from Dr. T.D. Singh Ph.D. (1937 – 2006)

Daniel Janin, Absolvent der Philosophie, Bhaktivedanta College, Belgien

Most scientific studies and conferences on Life and its Origin are focused on examining whether life, a living cell, could be a product of complex molecular reactions of proteins, carbohydrates, etc., through the chemical evolution. However, the present knowledge of the molecular paradigm of life alone is unable to fully describe and understand life and its origin. The answer to the fundamental question, “what is life?” is still quite far away. The purpose of this Congress was to seriously examine the deeper insights of life and its origin through the interdisciplinary approach of science and spirituality/theology incorporating the principle that life is a spiritual particle, by drawing inspirations from major spiritual tradition of the world. Also a part of the purpose was to carefully examine the scientific data from the religious viewpoint and to generate some new research projects for the scientific study of life, its meaning and purpose, consciousness and God.