Science of Measuring Energy Fields
Revolutionary Instrument to reveal Energy Fields of Human and Nature

Konstantin Korotkov, PhD,  Professor
Dmitry Orlov, MSc

University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics,
Saint Petersburg Russia, e-mail:


Method of Electrophotonic imaging (EPI, the scientific name is Gas Discharge Visualization – GDV) is a digital stage of Kirlian effect, had strong development in the last years, mostly with the introduction of the Bio-Well instrument ( and Internet-based processing of information. More than 2000 professionals benefit from using EPI instruments worldwide. The main advantages are:

Fast and non-invasive measurements; may be used in any age with any types of deceases unlimited amount of time. Measurement is taken from the 10 fingers, procedure is simple and takes less than two minutes.

Results provide information on energy state of the most of organs and systems of the body – holistic view of the organism.  Very important part is information on psycho-emotional condition of a person – evaluation of emotional pressure and left-right balance of the brain. The device provides non-invasive, painless and almost immediate evaluation, which can highlight potential health abnormalities prior to even the symptoms of an underlying condition, and suggests courses of action. It can determine the physiological and psycho-emotional state of a human being. The parameters that the GDV provides indicative of physiological and psycho-emotional state are: (1) Stress level, (2) Bioenergy intensity, (3) Normality of various organs and systems, and (4) Sate of the Chakras. These parameters will allow aspirants to gage the extent of progress they are making with their practices such as Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, medical interventions, etc.

System provides fast and simple monitoring of the effect of any treatment and interventions, would it be allopathic or homeopathic medications, physical or psychological loading, etc. A lot of data is available on the transformation of Energy Field under the influence of meditation, healing, and different energy modalities. Software is based on combination of Occidental and Oriental approaches to analyzing information. Information is presented in different forms: pictures and diagrams, as well as many independent parameters, which provide possibility for scientific research and statistical processing of data. Very important part of the system is processing and storage of information in the cloud database with possibility to access information from any available computer.

One of the main focuses for the EPI/GDV development was developing instrumental methods for remote detection of human emotions, both individual and collective. Examples of data explored are from a water blessing ritual, healing workshop training, musical performance, geophysical measurements during a solar eclipse, and a shamanic ceremony. These indications demonstrate a potential for mapping the effects of human emotions.

The Bio-Well device with a specially designed Environment Energy Sensor (EES) called the “Sputnik antenna” which s used to monitor the Energy of the Environment in a room that enables to see how it varies when people meditate, pray or listen to a presentation. A lot of data was collected during sessions of collective meditation led by Dr. Eric Pearl, Dr. Joe Dispensa, Dr. Philippi and many others. The GDV and the EES sensor were used to assess the changes in the energy intensity and the entropy of the space during the programs. If in fact the stochastic resonance of participants is a reality then these two parameters should reflect it. Really – the energy level of the space went up and the entropy indicative of disorder went down.

Instrumental approaches developed for recording Non-Local Consciousness Influence with the EPI technologies have been explored in a series of experiments conducted over a period of 5 years, by research groups in Russia, Germany, USA, Brazil, Ukraine and Chili. The data collected gives clear evidence that human consciousness can influence parameters of physical systems, both intentionally and non- intentionally. From the physical point of view it may be related to the formation of areas of decreased entropy in space. Without addressing further particular details of physical explanations, it is clear that the effects of Non-Local Consciousness Influence on physical sensors are measurable and reproducible. These demonstrations suggest devising a line of experimental explorations of these effects. The effects may have strong implications for our understanding of physical reality and the role of consciousness in the world.
Together with the Bio-Well system is offering a special device for influencing the energy state of a person by complex influence with an individual music program and ultra-high frequency waves of low intensity. In the Bio-Well program information taken from fingers is transformed into frequency and music. This music together with a frequency is applied to special earphones, which results in 10 minutes guided meditation. This helps decrease stress and develop a better lifestyle.

The scientific framework together with the measurement device is sufficient to raise our level of consciousness adequately for individual excellence & organizational, national & global transformation and peace.



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