Nikola Tesla Cosmogony – Combination of Science and Spirituality

Goran Marjanovic, Electrotechnician of Low-Powered Current, BSc in Telecommunications


Nikola Tesla is known for the discovery of the rotating magnetic field, alternating current and a lot of interesting effects of great voltages and  high frequencies – which impressed the world. However, true greatness of Tesla’s work and the depth of his insight into the structure of the True Reality and principal mechanisms of the Nature – just looms these days. Great analogy between Tesla’s insights and those described in the ancient Vedic scriptures point to the magnificence, significance and realistic feasibility of his ideas.


Married, living in Belgrade, have three daughters.
Address: Vidska 1d, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Born: 14-March-1955 in Sarajevo, B&H

Englis: basic conversation.

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Formal Education


Electro-technical School Center in Osijek (Croatia).
Profession/Title: Electrotechnician of Low-Powered Current.

PTT-Telecommunications Faculty in Belgrade (Serbia).
Specialist: Systems of Light-Based Telecommunications.
Profession/Title: BSc in Telecommunications
Graduated 1980/1981.


Already forty years in theoretical-physics research. Author of “Energy Density Quantization” model. Especially focused to works of Nikola Tesla, and admirer/follower of Tesla’s achievements.

In last decade – made a large number of Tesla-apparatus replicas, as well as a series of machines (of own, original, construction; authoring), targeting verification of postulates of EDQ Model.

Owning a special Laboratory dedicated to research of Tesla-technologies. Created a large number of various versions of Tesla transformers and machines based on Tesla Technology.

Last successes are related to experimental verification of Tesla Scalar and subtle energetic fields, that are extremely beneficial to living organisms.

Based on forty-annual practical and theoretical research strongly believe that the knowledge of ancient civilizations significantly exceeded our present knowledge and that Nikola Tesla, was one of the first people of this civilization that seriously approached to this knowledge. Therefore, in recent years intensively investigate the legacy of ancient civilizations.

In particular, the Vedic literatures and especially a “Secret Of Sankhya,” Acme Of Scientific Unification, By G. Srinivasan, based on the Maharishi Kapilla writings dated more than 12 000 years ago – and “Hunyan Entirety Theory,” The Foundation of Qigong Science, Dr. Pang Ming – a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese teachings about Qigong.

Although it sounds almost fascinating, in numerous published papers he showed, that the principles of Tesla’s technology is completely analogous to the axiomatic principles of Sankhya. Moreover, conducted investigations showed that mechanism of the Nikola Tesla’s famous “Magnifying Transmitter” from Colorado Springs is quite analogous to the “Eternal Harmonic Oscillator” described by Maharishi Kapilla centuries ago.

In recent years, actively explore the pyramidal structures, sacral and similar objects that have been shown to have a very special form and structure based on cosmic constants such as number pi, the base of natural logarithms, the golden ratio and the like – that can be found in the construction of the Cheops pyramid e.g. but also in a “Magnifying Amplifier” of Nikola Tesla.

Organization and main scientific achievement

“International Centre for Nikola Tesla heritage research”.

  • Energy density quantification model that connects the areas of Macro (man, planets, galaxies…), Micro (proton, electron, photon…) and Hyperspace (subtle-energy phenomena such as the astral body…, different levels of awareness, etc.) areas, bringing them into equal relationship, interweaving the material and spiritual field of Reality and interpreting them as unified wholeness.
  • Great concordance between principles that Nikola Tesla implemented in his devices for a wireless transmission of energy and exploitation of radiant energy of the sun and axiomatic principles described in ancient documents (Vedic literature).

Study paper title and its abstract

“Largest velocity in the nature”
Light speed is not (have not to be) a largest velocity in the nature…

“Speed of light may have changed over time”
Fine structure constant may not be a constant, indicating that  ligt speed may not be a constant also…

“Tesla Coils Polycontrast Interference Photography”
PIP analyse of classical coil and special one – wound by N.Tesla concepts.

“Speed of light and Maxwell’s constant”
Relative Relativity considerations

“The secret of Tesla’s coils”
Tesla’s Magnifying Amplifier – Overunity machine?

“Tesla’s Non-Hertzian waves”
They are a real corpuscle wave duality, subluminal waves and/or superluminal particles; a energy “bridge” between “herein” and “therein” side of Reality…

“Analogy of Tesla’s measurements & KGE model”
Comparisons of expected values by the KGE model and measurement results on the “Pyramid of the Sun” in the Arheological park Visoko.

“Nikola Tesla – Prometheus of the New age”
Latest insights in the depths of Nikola Tesla’s Knowledge which incredibly coincide with the magnificent knowledge of ancient civilizations!

“UNIVERSE – Perpetual Harmonic Oscillator”
All externalized entities are result of simultaneously-sequential transformations and combinations of VOLUMETRIC (3D) substrate VIBRATIONS in the “breathing” regime – that is of the expansive and the compressive sequences rhythm combinations…

“Archaeoacoustic analysis of Kanda Hill in Macedonia.”
Study of the peculiar EM phenomena and audio frequency vibrations at a potential tomb of Alexander the Great

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